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  • Welcome to Third Grade!

                                             September, 2015

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to Third Grade! I am looking forward to a terrific year teaching your child. This will be my 15th year teaching third grade in Pennfield. Before coming to Pennfield, I taught 2nd and 6th grade for three years at St. Augustine Cathedral school in Kalamazoo. I have found third grade to be a very exciting level with much growth, maturity, and responsibility developing throughout the year. I truly  love my job and all the rewards it brings me. Your child is the reason I am here and I feel working together through open communication serves everyone best.

    Here is some important information about our third grade class:

    Specials: Our specials this year will be on a four way rotating schedule. They will be at the same time each day however the specials are not always going to be on the same day. Here are our first few weeks of special days:

    10:00- 10:45






    Week 1











    Lunch/Snack: Please send lunch money with your child’s name and my name clearly marked on the outside. Check your child’s account on a regular basis to make sure there is plenty of money in your child’s account. We will be having snack each day mid morning, please pack a healthy snack for your child each day. We will not be providing a snack at school.

    Lockers: YEA!!!!! We are very excited about lockers. They are pretty cool! Most students will have their own locker. I have about four students needing to share. I will try to alternate these two children so that each child will have their own locker sometime throughout the year. We will not be locking the lockers, so no need buy any locks.

    Switching classes: My class will be changing classes for Social Studies. Mrs. Wilkins will be teaching social studies the second part of the quarters.

    Homework: I will be sending home a weekly reading log along with a few reading and math assignments as their weekly homework. Homework will be turned in every Friday and returned the following Friday. Your child is required to read 10 minutes a night for five days along with completing the additional work. Your child will be able to use the weekend as part of their five days, allowing them to skip a week night reading. This is helpful if your child participates in any after-school activities.

    School Communication: We will be using a green two pocket folder for communication.  Each Friday I will send a weekly newsletter informing you of all the activities we have enjoyed at school, along with other important school and classroom information, I can either send it electronically or in paper form, please let me know which way you would perfer.


    • Please leave personal items at home (toys, games, balls, video games)

    • Birthday invitations cannot be passed out at school. Please no home-baked birthday treats. We have 29 kids in our class. Please make arrangement with me regarding birthday snacks.

    Lastly, at any time you have any questions or concerns; please do not hesitate to contact me. The best way to contact me is through email: or by calling the school 961-9789. I will also not hesitate to call or email if the need arises.  I am a mother of school age children and understand that many things happen in families and I will do my best to be supportive and understanding of any circumstances as they may arise.

    I am sure you will find third grade to be a real growing year for your child. I am excited to get to know all families and to learn and grow with a new group of fantastic third graders! Ready, Set, Here we go!

    Mrs. Marian Shafer,

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