Google Meet Updates and Co-Teacher Update 10/2021

Educators who use Google Classroom have noticed some recent updates from Google.
When using Google Meet in Google Classroom it requests updated links. I've included a video explanation on the Staff Technology Support Page.  Once Google Classroom Meet links are updated, one may need to update URLs in other places posted for student communication, such as your Panther Portal site or Weekly Instructional Plan. Also, in Google Classroom note the location of the Google Meet Join link has changed. Meet is now in its own block below the course banner. Sample image below. 


Another portion changed by the update from Google Classroom Meets is related to Co-teachers in Google Classroom starting Meets from Google Classroom. Turns out the order of how the Meet Links in Google Classroom were updated matters.
If using Meet in Google Classroom and you want co-teachers (Co-hosts) to be able to start a Meet for students then:
  1. Invite additional teacher in your Google Classroom
  2. Wait for co-teacher acceptance of Co-teacher invitation
  3. Manage Meet link > Reset    
  4. (Note: This changes the URL. If you have the original URL posted anywhere else for students, such as Panther Portal or your WIP, copy the updated link and update those places with the new URL)
  5. Teachers refresh, Co-teacher can start Meet.

Last modified: Monday, 15 November 2021, 10:01 AM