Opening Information


End result- Walk out of this training with at least one lesson plan that you can use in the first couple weeks that integrates the use of web tools.

Part 1- Background and Information

Part 2- Let's look at some tools and do a sample lesson

Part 3 - Create your lesson


Part 1

  • - Tammy's tech integration soapbox - If the technology does not do one of the following, then why are you using it?
    • Make something easier or more productive
    • Allow your class to do something that they could not do without the technology
    • Engage the learner
    • Example- Create a story and make it available online to allow others beyond you and the classroom to see it and comment
  • Content/objective first, technology second
  • Levels of use where do you fit?
  • What is the process?
    • What is your lesson goal? What do you want the kids to learn?
    • How will you know they learned it?
    • What tech tool may help to accomplish the goal

Technology can be used at any part of a lesson. It may be the learning product or final assessment or a tool used at any point in the process.

Examples of uses:

- Creation of images or videos

- Use of images or videos

- Notetaking

- Research/collection

- Communication

- Presenting Information

- Collaboration between students

- Graphic Organizers

- Planning

- Create/Publish

- Assessments

and the list goes on....

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