Implementing the projects

Implementing the project

There are not many places out there that will give you the step by step instructions on implementing an assessment once you have it ready. Depending on the assessment tool, there are different ways to implement.

Below is my suggestion for actually doing the project when it includes technology. 

1. Explain the project to class

- Explain what content the project will cover
- Explain what you want to see

2. Show an example (you can use a past project or you can create one on a different topic but the same process)

3. Give out the rubrics or the assessment tool you will use to grade the project.

4. Break down the task into steps and put a timeline to them. You don't want a student to take two days to find that perfect picture or graphic.

5. Have checkpoints. 

6. Don't forget the preplanning. Students love to jump into the tool. BUT, it will run more smoothly if you have them create a plan and show that to you before they dive in.

7.  Make sure that the projects will have an audience that is bigger than you. They will take a lot more pride in the project if they know peers, family or even strangers may look at their project.

Last modified: Wednesday, 19 December 2012, 2:26 PM