1. Common Start Procedure. Train your students to start up the computers, change to your Lanschool channel and get ready for the day. You may have directions on the board or in your moodle class to get them started. Another idea is to have a quick activity they do everyday. (write in a journal, read the headlines on the news, go to moodle and look at the days agenda, math problem of the day, etc.)

2. At the beginning of class, walk around and check the laptops (quickly) while they are getting ready for class to start. Make sure the keyboard, mouse and monitor (or screen) looks good. You could have a student or two that do this as well. If you see any damage or misuse, please report it to Tom or Barry and have the student turn in their laptop to the media center so it can get fixed.

3.  Do spot checks once in a while to check that students are bringing their power adaptors to class and they are starting the day with a fully charged battery.  They should also have the laptop bag and be tranporting the laptop via the bag. You could give out extra credit points or a piece of candy for a reward. 

4. Remember that you can use the same types of consequences for computer misuse as you do any other misbehavior in class.

5. Use your lanschool to block the screens or have them lower the lids when you want their complete attention.

6. If you are going to use the computers for things like graphics or video, you may want to consider checking out one of the labs so they can plug into power and the network directly (instead of wireless)

7. When using video, show the video on the large screen instead of each person going there individually. This will slow down the computer and cause some people to not be able to view it. 

8. If you will need to print, go over printing rules with students.  They should not print until they have asked you and you have told them to go ahead. Don't have everyone send print jobs at the same time. Make sure that students know to not hit print again, if it did not work the first time.  There is probably another error causing it not to print. Make sure they know how to check to see which printer the computer is using.

9. Have student save work often.  Every 5 to 10 minutes.  If they don't and the computer freezes, they will lose their work.

10. Help students to learn how to name files and put them in the H drive or the Q drive so they can find them again. Also tell them to save important documents in two separate places.

11. Check the troubleshooting guide to see if any issues you are having have a quick resolution. If you can't solve an issue, make sure you submit a help desk so that a tech person can fix it or the student takes their laptop to the media center for help.

12. All students should come to class with their laptop. If they have turned it into the media center, they should have a loaner with them.

13. Have a student or two be the designated techies for that class. They can help with troubleshooting as well as getting equipment going for subs.

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