Agenda for Training

PowerTeacher Training


Basic info regarding PowerSchool

  • Pearson owns PowerSchool
  • SIS - Student Information System - more than just the classroom items
  • The part of PowerSchool that you will use is PowerTeacher
  • Web based

Logging into PowerSchool

  • Link on Pennfield Website
  • User name is the same you use for network login
  • Password will have to be changed on first login. Send yourself an email with the password you choose. All we can do is reset passwords. We can't see them.
  • Tour of the PowerTeacher Window
  • Help Button


  • See handout
  • Show an example

Student backpack

  • What is it?
  • What information is there?


  • Launch Gradebook
  • Tour of window
  • Gradebook setup tab
  • Preferences
  • Tools menu
  • add assignment
  • score assignment
  • edit assignment
  • copy assignment
  • score inspector
  • fill scores
  • Reports

Mobile App

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