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      • Panther Hour Story Room

        Welcome to our story room! 

        EVERYTHING in this room takes you to a fun place! 

        I have read alouds of our Featured Author - Drew Daywalt, read alouds starring our favorite characters, and links to alphabet and early reading activities.   


        • EPIC Library

          Welcome to our EPIC Library!

          Each book bin takes you to an EPIC library collection of leveled books. 

          Choose the bin that's best suited for your reading level. 

          Use your "Epic Student Login" that was given to you by your teacher. Happy reading!

          • Panther Hour Online Reading Resources

            Welcome to our online reading resource room! Each website is a great resource for students to improve their reading skills. Many offer both fiction and non-fiction materials. 

            Seesaw is the platform we will be using with students for reading assignments. 

            Take some time and browse through these sites. There are so many fun activities to explore and engage students. There are even more things to learn!

            • Panther Hour - Exercise Your Mind!

              Hey guys! Let's EXERCISE! 

              Nothing is more important to learning than exercising your body AND your mind! 

              Click on anything in our Panther Hour Gym, and you'll be taken to fun videos with Jack Hartmann. 

              Jack Hartmann makes a whole series of videos to help you learn AND get you up and moving! 

              HAVE FUN!

              • Panther Hour Online Math Resources

                Math can be a jungle of fun! These are the websites your students use most often in class. They are entertaining and engaging! Their homeroom teachers will provide login and password information. 

                Let your math adventures begin!

                • Panther Hour Math Manipulative Room

                  Welcome to our math manipulative room (which was shared with us by other AMAZING teachers!) 

                  Each box takes you to a tool that can help you solve problems, or you can use just for fun! 

                  HAVE FUN!

                  • CAFE Parent Pipeline - Reading Strategies


                    EAGLE EYE
                    Eagle Eye | Elementary schools, Reading strategies, Kindergarten ela
                    LIPS THE FISH
                    Reading Strategies Posters & Bookmarks 
                    STRETCHY SNAKE
                    Reading Strategies Posters & Bookmarks
                    CHUNKY MONKEY
                    FREEBIE Reading Strategies Posters & Bookmarks (decoding) by ...
                    TRYIN' LION
                    Reading Strategies Posters & Bookmarks
                    SKIPPY FROG
                    Reading Strategies Posters & Bookmarks
                    FLIPPY DOLPHIN 
                    Reading Strategies Posters & Bookmarks
                    HELPFUL KANGAROO
                    Reading Strategy Posters{Polka Dots} by Michelle McElhinny | TpT 
                    CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING
                    Daily 5 - "Read to Someone" Check for Understanding (Checkmark) | TpT
                     CROSS CHECKING
                    This has a nice simple visual for cross checking along with a ...
                    ASK QUESTIONS  
                    Learn Ask questions for better comprehension in 2 minutes. 
                    • PARENTS - AT HOME READING SUPPORT

                    • PARENTS - AT HOME READ TO SELF SUPPORT