Topic outline

  • General

    Google Chrome icon (2011)

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    Course Agenda

    Sign in & Search - Chrome is a web browser! 

    Why? - It is Built in synchronization for all devices. Flash will work automatically. There are numerous extensions and Apps. The Omnibox promotes easy search - search boxes and "www" are things of the past. Bookmarks, import settings, set your home pages and security.

  • Course Orientation & Resources

  • Chrome Navigation

    • Use Omnibox to search, check the weather, enter a web address, convert units, find the time. 
    • Access Instantly on any device (shelf, dock, etc.)
    • Navigation to Pages
    • Bookmarking
      • Mobile Bookmarking
    • Tabbed Browsing - allows for multiple websites to be open in the same window simultaneously. 
    • Incognito - Allows privacy on shared computers ctrl+shift+N
  • Customizing Chrome for Increased Productivity & Personalized Browsing

    • Starter Pages
    • Text size
    • Appearance
    • Password and Forms Settings (Advanced)
    • Network Proxy Settings
    • Download Locations
    • Kick it Up a Notch with Chrome Web Store Apps & Extentions

      • Apps have their own UI (User Interface) OR are glorified bookmarks
        • Some "Apps” have an arrow in the bottom left corner of the icon. This indicates the "App” is really a glorified bookmark. (Alias)

        • Examples
      • Extensions help "enhance" the web experience (take up less room)
      • Located in the Chrome Web Store
      • Organized using the App Launcher (without or without Chromebook)
      • Offline Settings