As a year-long course designed to challenge you intellectually, Honors English II will emphasize the skills necessary for critical thought, careful reading, and concise writing. All work assigned will seek to stretch, push, and challenge you. Remember, you have demonstrated the aptitude requisite to pursue an advanced study of English. Enrollment in this class is voluntary; continued membership in this learning community will be dependent on consistent, exemplary performance. After all, it is an "honor" to be extended membership in this class.

A significant portion of our study time will be devoted to great literature: short stories, novels, poetry, and plays. Another component of this class will be writing. LOTS of writing. At least six major major essays (two to three pages) will be assigned, and a variety of writing genres will be explored. And, critical thinking skills will be put to use regularly. Students will be expected to ask probing questions and employ a variety of higher order thinking skills as they complete assignments, compose essays, and tackle selected readings.