6th Grade Band (2nd Period)

This is a beginning band class. Students will learn the basic skills needed to play a band instrument, including (but not limited to), instrument assembly, proper posture and holding positions, how to form an embouchure, and basic music reading. There are no pre-requisites, and students are not expected to have any prior knowledge. Students are expected to practice at home to reinforce the skills learned in class, and are also expected to participate in two evening concerts, one in December and one in May.

6th Grade Band is an elective class, and students and parents indicated a desire to be in band through their schedule choices made in the spring of the previous year. Students were then placed in 1st or 2nd hour based on their choice of instruments during the fitting experience. Students who did not take place in the fitting process were able to sign up for band, but may need to have their schedule modified to put them in the class with like instruments once they've completed the fitting process.