PHYSICS  E&C   1 Credit


Physics is a basic science that attempts to discover the rules of the physical world.    Students will practice scientific reasoning in the study of the concepts of motion, forces and energy.  Students will learn how to describe and represent motion as well as the forces involved when objects interact.  The concept of energy, and its various forms particularly mechanical and electrical, will be introduced, as well as the transformation of energy from one form to another.  Algebra II and geometry are prerequisites or should be taken concurrently.


Laboratory experience will be used to help students observe patterns and relationships.  Mathematics will be used as a tool to illustrate and communicate these patterns and relationships.  Students will consider the technological applications of these physical laws and reflect on the social implications. 


This course is designed for all college bound students who have shown aptitude in math and an interest in science.  Recommended Prerequisites: Biology and Algebra II (or concurrent).